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On this page you can find all english content at a glance. All of my yoga videos on YouTube have english subtitles!

Private Yoga Classes available in Fall 2021.


Most of my classes are Vinyasa Flows. Depending on your preferences, we can add in strengthening exercises or relax a bit more 😉 


I like to add in Pilates exercises. That way we keep a balance between strength and flexibility!


Yin Yoga is a beautiful way to release any tension. I like to add in a nice warm-up to prepare the body.


We can also work on alignment for a safe and effective yoga practice.

That’s how a 1:1 Private Class works.

We meet online via Jitsi, Skype or Zoom.


Class duration is 30 min.

We do Yoga! You can get a feeling for my teaching style through my videos. We focus on your needs. Afterwards, I will send you a pdf of our yoga sequence. 

Price for 30 min is 30 €.

If you’re interested in a Private Class or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-Mail! I will get back to you 🙂