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Daily Moves Week 2 | August 8 – 14, 2022

Be ready to pay the price of your dreams. Free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap.

Paulo Coelho

Saturday, August 13

Crunch & Lift

30 sec

Side Bend

30 sec

Hip Twists

30 sec

Friday, August 12


30 sec


30 sec


30 sec

Thursday, August 11

Boat to Canoe

20x – 3 rounds


Wednesday, August 10

Lunge Squats

6-12 x or 30 sec

Low Lunge – Half Split Flow

6-10 x or 30 sec

Lizard & Reach back

opt: lift the back foot
6-10 x or 30 sec

Tuesday, August 9

Balancing Table Top & Airplane

6-10 x or 30 sec

Hovering Table Top to Plank

6-10 x or 30 sec

Forearm Plank Shifts

6-12 x or 30 sec

Monday, August 8

Side Lunge & Leg Raise

8-12 x

Lunge & Curtsy

8-12 x

Goddess Squat

8-16 x

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