Three Part Breath (Dirga Pranayama)

Three Part Breathing or Dirga Pranayama is a simple yet powerful tool to build awareness and  to calm mind and body. This breathing helps to feel more connected and grounded and stimulates the nervous system.

Step by Step

We start in a seated position (e.g. Sukhasana – easy pose) or by lying down on your back, like in savasana. Let your body feel heavy on the mat. 

Place one hand on your belly, just above the navel, and the other one on your chest and observe your breathing.

Now, we will begin with the practice of Three Part Breathing:

  1. With your inhalation, fill the air first into your belly, continue to your rib cage and your chest.
  2. Then exhale the air first from the chest, then from the rib cage and then completely from the belly.

The inhalation and exhalation is supposed to be continuous and fluid, so let the air flow in and out smoothly without any breaks.


belly – ribs – chest


chest – ribs – belly

Practice the 3 Part Breath in this gentle and silent yoga class 🙂

AUF DEUTSCH: In diesem Yoga Videos üben wir ganz am Anfang die dreiteilige Atmung 🙂

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