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20 Min Full Body Yoga Pilates Fusion for Horse Riders

Do you want to improve your strength, flexibility and balance? Then this 20 Min Full Body Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout is for you – whether you’re a horse rider or not!

Horseback riding is a unique sport that takes strength, skill and endurance. This Full Body Yoga Pilates Fusion Workout targets the whole body in a way that will help you to improve your riding skills. We’re going through strengthening exercises as well as feel-good stretches to release stress and tension from our body and mind.

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How do I know that this will help you? I used to ride a lot, mainly dressage with a bit of jumping every now and then, for more than 15 years. Based on this experience, I created this Yoga Pilates Fusion flow – but to be honest, most Yoga & Pilates classes will help you to feel stronger & improve your riding skills, so check out my other videos 😉

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