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Summer Days in Sweden 🇸🇪 Camping Adventure with our Cat!

Oh Sweden, I miss you already. Jump down to see all the videos we filmed in Sweden (more are coming over the next few weeks).

Day 1 – Stora Rör, Öland

It was a long drive – we started at 7 am and arrived in Stora Rör at around 6 pm to meet my parents that are on a sailing trip. Our cat, Lisa, was amazing during the whole drive and even did one step out of the van to explore a tiny bit 🙂

Day 2 – Borgholm, Öland

A very hot day – so we had to make sure that the van and cat won’t heat up too much. But we had a great camping spot and could film two videos – one is already up! Watch it here 🙂 

Day 3 – Byxelkrok & Naturum Trollskogen, Öland

Another hot day, but we found a spot in the shade so we could take a quick walk around the beautiful forest Trollskogen while our cat slept in the van (windows open + a mini fan → that was the best purchase of the year!).

We spent the night in Byxelkrok visiting my parents on their sailing boat and going for an evening swim! The water was colder than expected but it was so nice 🙂

Day 4 – Figeholm

The days are way hotter than expected but it’s a bit better now that we’re not on Öland anymore. It’s also easier to find camping spots that are not crowded. This was the first night Lisa slept in the bed and not under the bed 🙂 Also, my parents boat was super close to our van which was nice!

Day 5 – Gränsö

Today was a productive filming day! We shot 3 videos – the first one is up already! Watch it here 🙂 We found such a beautiful spot on our drive and spent the night on Gränsö, close to Västervik. 

Day 6 – Västervik

Another productive filming day for us 🙂 My boyfriend also shot some amazing drone footage that you can see in my Yoga videos! We spent the night in the harbour of Västervik and spent some time with my parents on our last day in Sweden.

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